Terms & Conditions
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Terms & Conditions

  • The services do not hold any fix tenure from MEIDO and it is totally dependent on Customer’s requirement and can be terminated too by customer but on the prior notice of 15 days at least.
  • MEIDO does not hold any responsibility of any theft/loss or mis happening at customer’s place.
    MEIDO does basic police verification of workers and provides same to our customers so we suggest to take care of their belongings and keep an eye on the worker while working. To be double sure about the worker you can avail Advance background verification of worker which is done by our third-party verification partner.
  • Direct deal by Customer to Meido’s employee are against the company policies and any such act may lead to termination of services for both Customer and Employee without any notice.
  • Any payment/account management will be directly handled by team Meido and breaching to the policy may lead to termination of services for both the parties.
  • MEIDO provides their customer the benefits of 2 days demo service to get the taste of our service and then book accordingly. Meido promises their customer not to charge anything if in case customer do not wants to continue service after 2 days of Demo, however if customer agrees to the service after demo/trial, Trial is payable.
  • Billing cycle will always rotate from 1 st to 30 th /31 st of every month and bill will be generated accordingly. However, joining the services in first month will have different structure. (i.e. before 20 th of joining month, bill will be generated on the last day of the very same month. However, after 20 th bill will be generated and added to the last day of next successive month.)
  • MEIDO promises their esteemed customers the service of 27 days each month. We provide our employees 3 leaves per month which can be mutually decided and planned by the Cook and the customer, however in case of any unplanned and emergency leave, it will be informed on real time basis. On Addition to it, 1 Week leave in a year will also be provided to employees to visit their
    hometown which will be informed to the customers earlier depending on the real-time scenario.
  • MEIDO does basic police verification to all of our employees by respective state police department, which will be sent to the customers via e-mail but for future course we hope our respected customers will keep an eye over the worker to avoid any mis happening as company will not be responsible for any such act but will direct terminate the service of guilty part without any notice.
  • MEIDO is completely against any sexual harassment or misbehaviour by any of our customer/employee and will not hold any responsibility for it but will directly terminate the services of the guilty party and it may be subject to legal action as per IPC.

Cancellation policy:

  • For cancelling/halting the services of MEIDO, we expect our respected customers to inform us at least 15 days earlier otherwise customer would not be eligible to get any payment related benefits for that particular month and will be charged normally on month basis.
  • Cancelling the services after 2 days demo service will be charged on the number of days services provided to the customer or as per their package depending upon the scenario.