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How it Works

Meido believes to fill narrow the gap between you and us hence we request you, If you are looking for a cook at your location, just give us a miss call, Our team will contact you within next 12 hours else you can also write us on whatsapp and tell us your requirement or the best time to contact you so that we can come in touch with you to have better understanding of what you need.

After you put your requirement, Meido will provide you the cook within 2-3 days after you place your request.

You can enjoy 2 days demo and it’s completely up to you to continue the services or not or you want to check any other cook.

If you want to continue just inform us directly and our team will provide you all the details on your mail and you can continue enjoying your meal.


Split Hour Service

In split hour service, Meido take the complete responsibility of cooks coming at your place in terms of leaves, quality, time & others.

12/24 Hour Service

In 12/24 hour service, Meido takes the partial responsibility and provide you the the replacement if needed as per requested by you.

Occasionally Service

Occasionally service means that if you are organizing any event or party at your place and you need cook or someone who can help you in all stuff, Meido is here to provide you the service.

Why Us?

As food is any important source of living, & kitchen is the place where this food is made, Meido takes care of this very important part of your home & provide you the best hygienic environment in the kitchen. Kitchen is our Priority and we take care that it should be clean & your food should be tasty enough. We completely understand how hectic the day can be for you as working & so understand how important it is for you to eat tasty food. Meido take responsibility of cooks coming at your place. Meido wants to lower down your burden hence takes complete responsibility including time, leaves, quality, hygiene and others. Meido takes regular feedbacks from our customers every month to check and improve our services if something is not going right and we believe in “feedback to feed-forward” process and we want you to provide your valueable feedback to help us. As concerned about your security, the cooks coming at your place are legally verified & the same related document will be shared with you on your mail. So Meido is the place where you will get complete support and assistance to all your kitchen problem in a professional, accountable way.

Our Award Winning Team