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Split Hour Service
(2 times service per day)

The pricing for split hour service is completely dependent on the number of members and hours of service needed. We have different packages depending on these factors. However, the prices are very nominal and there is no advance, placement or registration fees. You can call/WhatsApp or E-mail us anytime on +91-9667755422 to get the price of the package you needed.

12/24 Hour service

Meido charges one-time placement fees of ₹3490 for this particular service and provides the benefit of 2 days demo/trial, basic police verification of worker and maximum 3 replacements with the contract of 11 months with the company. Salary to be paid directly by you to the worker. There is no additional fee apart from ₹3490 for the company.

Occasional service
(birthdays, party or any event)

It is completely dependent on real-time requirement but prices are very nominal which can be discussed on real time scenario.