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What kind of service do you provide?

1) Split Hour Cooking Service (in morning & evening)

2) Full time live-in Cooking service (12 or 24 Hours)

3) Occasionally (For Birthdays, Festivals or any event)

What service your workers perform?

Cooking along with limited Dishwashing at people’s own home location.

Are they females only?

Both males and females, having Veg and Non-Veg Cooking expertise mostly trained for home cooking.

From Where these workers are?

Locals as well as from UP, Uttarakhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Nepal & North East of India mostly.

Are the workers literate?

Yes, but limited 5-12th grade mostly.

Are you workers police verified?

Yes, company performs a complete background verification.

How many holidays are they assigned?

2 fixed and 1 emergency leave per month.

What would happen if they more leave other than assigned?

Either company will send any alternative cook or will not charge for that day according to your package.

What if we don’t like the Cook, is there any scope for replacement?

Company provides you the advantage to agree only after 2 days free demo service but in case after few days/months you don’t like the cook, you can always register complain and put a request for replacement and replacement will be made depending on real-time scenario.

Do you take advance pay?

NO, payment bill is generated at the end of every month.

Are the workers trained?

Yes, basic training is provided to the workers as well as they have to gone through testing and recruitment process before hiring by the company.

What is the salary range of workers?

Please visit pricing tab as it depends on number of factors.

Do we need to pay the workers?

No, company provides workers their salary and customers need to pay to the company only.

Is company responsible for operations?

Yes, all execution and management are handled by company directly including leaves and salary.

Is the company responsible for any dispute or mischief done by the worker?

Company hires the workers after complete recruitment procedure and does a complete background verification too but any such mischief would lead to the termination of the guilt party directly and may subject to action as per IPC.